Each LEAFCOIN client comes with an adress from which you can receive and send LEAFS instantly to anyone in the world.

Sending money is now as simple as sending e-mails. Transactions confirms almost instantly.


LEAFCOIN is decentralized. Transactions and distribution of the coins are being handled by a mathematical algorithm.

While new LEAFS are still being mined every day, total LEAFCOINS in circulation will be only 21 billions.

LEAFCOIN allows you to be your own banker. From now, there’s no intermediate anymore between you and your money.

Digital-currencies inspired by Bitcoin breaks the chains of modern slavery. Download a wallet and get started !

You can buy goods in LEAFS in every store accepting digital currencies.

LEAF is a secured vessel for keeping and transferring wealth

LEAF can be used as an investment (LeafCoin is already worth $500.000 USD and growing !)