How to Mine Leafcoins

How to mine leafcoins

This guide will show you how to get started with LeafCoin mining. First of all, you need a wallet. Download one based on your Operating System here. After your LeafCoin wallet is downloaded, you are ready to setup your mining software.

There are some miners out there such as reaper or guiminer but in this brief guide we will use cgminer. Cgminer is a command line software which provides more stability among the other miners. You can download it here. Make sure you didn’t download a version newer than 3.7.2 as it won’t support scrypt. You are ready to mine some LEAFs! Ehm, not exactly. You have to register an account to a pool. Of course you can try mining solo but as long as the network difficulty is high chances are that you won’t pop a block that easy and thus never get rewards. So, here is a list (in random order) of some regular pools:

Pool 1 –
Pool 2 –
Pool 3 –
Pool 4 –
Pool 5 –
Pool 6 –
Pool 7 –
Pool 8 –
Pool 9 –
Pool 10 –
Pool 11 –
Pool 12 –

And some P2Pool pools:
P2Pool 1 –
P2Pool 2 –
P2Pool 3 –
P2Pool 4 –

We will continue the guide using a regular pool. After registering an account, use it to login to the pool. Now it’s time to setup your workers. As long as you don’t have more than one pc/rig for mining, you need to setup one worker. Go to the “My workers” and add one. There is no need to add a weird password to your worker, there is nothing that someone can do with it.

We are almost there! You need to connect your miner with the worker you just added. Here is an example of connecting cgminer to a pool of the above list:
cgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u username.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword
where username is the username you registered to the pool, and the WorkerName and WorkerPassword are the worker’s name and password respectively. The port of the pool that you will connect on can be seen of the “Getting Started” section of your pool.

Time to mine some LEAFs! You have completely setup your miner and your worker, so you are ready for some LeafCoins. One last thing. You have to determine the optimum settings for your cgminer so as to get the highest hashrates and of course no errors. Intensity and thread concurrency are the common ones but there are more to tickle. Check here for the optimum settings for your GPU as listed by others.

You should be mining by now! If you have any questions or you run into problems leave a comment or join us on IRC, #leafcoin.

Happy LeafCoin mining!